Free Courtesy Bus

Want to come to the club but need a lift home? We have you covered! 

Take advantage of Deer Park Club's FREE Courtesy Bus. FREE to members and their guests; simply call (03) 9363 1030 to book your Pick Up.

The Courtesy Bus runs 7 days a week; running every hour from 11.30am - late. 

Service Details & Conditions

The Deer Park Club Courtesy Bus is a service that operates for the benefit of All Club members & visitors.

There are conditions to travelling on the Courtesy Bus which can be seen below. 

  •  The courtesy bus is available free-of-charge for all members & visitors, both to and from the Club.
  •  Identification must be provided upon using this service (members card or photo id) 
  •  If you require pick-up from your home or motel, phone the Deer Park Club on (03) 9363 1030, ½ hour prior.
  •  Pick up and drop off points must be a residential address or public transport facility only. remove 
  •  The courtesy bus service is available for visitors who reside within the white area of the map.
  •  The courtesy bus service is strictly subject to availability for visitors who reside in the red area of the map.
  •   Every attempt will be made to adhere to schedules, but times may vary without notice. If you request for e.g. the 4.30pm, it will leave the Club from 4.30pm, drop off the people on the bus, then proceed to pick up all 4.30pm requests, so allow time. - Rules and regulations which apply within the facility of the Deer Park Club, also extend to the confines of the Courtesy Bus.
  •  The courtesy bus driver is authorised to eject, any person in breach of the Deer Park Club rules and regulations.
  •  Offensive language, objectionable behaviour, smoking, and the consumption of food or beverages are not permitted on the Courtesy Bus. 
  •  Routes may be altered without notice at the discretion of the driver or Club Management.
  •  Children over the Age of 8 only are permitted on the Courtesy Bus
  •  Maximum Courtesy Bus capacity is 11